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PTZ Control Software for the Compass

Compass Software Download


Thanks for downloading the NECC control software for the aGent Compass camera, Simply follow this link and you will find a Control software .EXE, a firmware upgrade tool, as well as the actual firmware that is needed to work well with the new NECC program.


To do the firmware upgrade, download the .bin file to your desktop- then download and run the Firmware upgrade tool. This should only take a couple of minutes at the most. After the tool is finished, unplug the Compass camera from power and USB, count to five and plug it back in.


When using the control software make sure it is the last item running on your desktop. We suggest pulling it with a click/hold to an unused part of your desktop and then using the up/down, left/right arrows as well as the “T” and “W” keys to give you easy control of Pan, Tilt , and Zoom. You can also set presets 1-7 and simply use the number keys to move the camera to those preset positions


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