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Broadcasting & Video Recording for Education

Its video conferencing that brings students from Cooper Pedy to Kununurra to the city campus lectures through the virtual realm.  Its about connecting and educating, where literally no child is left behind.   We used to be a country of great distances but those distances are now insignificant with video conferencing technology.

Another benefit to schools, tafes and university's is that their student base doesn't just lie in space of their campus.  It can now cover the whole Country and beyond!

Angekis cameras can be used to stream lectures live and they can be recorded to be later downloaded by students at a later date.  The beauty of our USB cameras is that they work seamlessly with education software such as Panopto and there is no need for complicated setups.  Simply plug and play via USB!

Angekis have helped numerous TAFE's and University's to expand their student base through video streaming from TAFE Queensland to Monash University, Victoria University and Auckland University of Technology, to name just a few examples!

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