With Full HD recording and HD video calling, you’ll enjoy HD in every way.  It's no wonder the aGent V6 is recommened in both Mac for Dummies and Macworld magazine receiving a 4.5 out of 5 star rating!  Download the brochure here.

The aGent V6 HD webcam works equally well on both Apple Mac and PC, just plug and play via USB to get an outstanding image quality in TRUE HD. Got a laptop and a desktop or a widescreen iMac?

We have a webcam clips for them all. In fact the aGent includes a desktop stand, a notebook clip and an LCD screen clip for PC flatscreens or the iMac screens.  It alos comes equipped with a tripod mount, making it perfect for stop motion animation.

The full HD sensor provides clear and crisp video to impress your friends across the world.

Watch the youtube video here

aGent V6 Brushed or Polished Steel Webcam

SKU: aGentV6
  • “For 99 dollars you can't really get a higher quality still camera brand new”

    Marc Specs - Animate Clay

    " If you’re looking for a good, affordable webcam to shoot your animation, checkout the aGent V6" - Digicel Animation

    See the V6 on iStopmotion here


    Aside from regular webcamming, the aGent V6 webcam is also optimised for niche video applications such as stop motion animation, giving stop motion animation professionals the following benefits:

    - Manual focus adjustment to avoid refocusing between shots.

    - The highest quality still image of any webcam in this category. The HD video quality results in excellent quality frame by frame video capture

    - A huge amount of mounting options. With a tripod thread you can mount the V6 to tripods, gorilla mounts and ofcourse the laptop and desktop mounts that are included.

    - Pan and tilt with ease as the agent lens unit sits on a socket designed to enable the camera to move across horizontal and vertical fields.

    Macro capabiltiies. Get right up close to your claymations, infact as close as 3cm!

    Once you try you'll know why thousands of stop motion animation pro's have chosen the aGent V6.