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Moving Video Conferencing to the Cloud – Five reasons to go for it in 2017

A digital transformation in the business world can be achieved through a shift to the cloud, especially in video conferencing. The main advantage of this shifting is that it takes away the need to have complex hardware thereby providing the businesses more opportunity to collaborate without any barriers. The decision by businesses to switch over to cloud-based video conferencing can be considered as a more constructive and effective business decision of this year, considering the various benefits it offers.

Benefits of Cloud Video Conferencing

Not too long ago, only businesses with a strong financial and technical base could take advantage of cloud conferencing solutions. This is not the case anymore. All types of business, whether large corporate houses or SMBs, get the same level of visual and audio clarity and support through the cloud video conferencing. Here are some other benefits of cloud video conferencing

1. It is affordable:

If you make a comparison of any onsite solution and a cloud solution you can observe that cloud solution is more affordable. Cloud setups normally have a shared multi-client server ( though there are some private cloud arrangements) and a consolidated security and other management activities all taking place within a central organization. The allocation of computing power is on a need basis. Thus businesses do not have to spend separately for the hardware, software, and in-house support. Instead, they only need to purchase the cloud solution-as-a-service. This helps in bringing down the operational cost of business.

Businesses also have the option to lease hardware on a demand basis and purchase only those products they need from high-quality audio-visual suppliers. The cloud also enables companies to save with automatic updates of the service and built-in security.

2. The flexibility of hardware:

Companies can manage access control over some end-user devices using cloud solutions. Because of the multi-device access and support, companies that follow a BYOD environment gets a lot of flexibility. Moreover, the in-house IT departments of most of the companies can focus on more business driving activities as the cloud service providers handle the hardware integration and maintenance activities. Even if the company does not have a dedicated IT department, the cloud solutions can be implemented fast as it is simple. Anyone with a minimal internet experience should be able to handle the entire task.

3. It is highly mobile:

Logistically, it is a big challenge to manage remote work and remote client interactions. This challenge is now made easy with cloud-based video conferencing services. With the help of high-quality audio devices and video conferencing cameras, meetings can be accessed by employees from any location. A dedicated conference room is no longer required as any space can be turned into a collaboration hub.

4. Simplicity in Management:

The cloud makes management of an enterprise an easy task as it eliminates various challenges related to maintenance and security of devices. All work occurs remotely and fast through the cloud. Thus it streamlines management from a technical viewpoint.

5. Increased Productivity:

Investment in cloud service becomes economically lucrative only when it has a positive result on the business outcome. Through face-to-face communication via video conference cameras, there is a reduction in the chances of miscommunication. Faster decision making is now possible thereby improving the overall efficiency.

Employees are encouraged to collaborate irrespective of their location, time and activity because of the user-friendly solutions. They can also communicate effectively with colleagues and clients thereby reducing the need to travel. Thus it also offers the benefit of green technology as it reduces carbon footprint. Businesses can conduct webinars, live events, and small business meetings through the service-based format of cloud solutions. Since frequent business travels are cut short, it helps in increasing the productivity of employees.

Cloud-based video conferencing is very effective and widely used nowadays. The main advantage of the solution is that it is flexible. An entrepreneur can choose the solution as per his requirements. This option is particularly helpful for SMBs as they can take advantage of customized solutions and thereby control cost.

Video Conferencing Providers: How to choose them?

First, businesses should understand their in-house needs and workflows to figure out the right hardware and software required for their company. Though employees might use their smartphones, and laptops for cloud-based meetings, businesses can use the right video conferencing camera and microphone to improve the conferencing experience. The right combination of software service solution and hardware helps in making the cloud video conferencing a gratifying experience for businesses.

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