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Videoconferencing: How effective is it in training and development?

Owing to the various benefits and facilities that video conferencing provides, it’s use has dramatically increased in the recent past. Better collaboration and organisation and more effective communication with remote employees are a few of the benefits that video conferencing provides. The two areas of business where Video Conferencing can be effectively used is training and development. The following are ways in which Video conferencing benefits in training and development.

Improves Productivity and Flexibility

In modern workplace, the first and foremost requirement of employees is flexibility. This is made possible through Video conferencing where both companies and employees are able to communicate whenever and wherever they want. Studies have shown that 87% of remote workers feel connected when they are engaged in video conferencing. Productivity is naturally enhanced when more connectivity and greater flexibility are provided to the employees. This creates a win-win situation for both businesses and their employees.

The number of remote employees is ever increasing and video conferencing provides the facility for the employees to undertake face to face interaction with their co-workers. They can effectively engage in meetings without leaving the comfort of their home. This results in less stress, a greater efficiency which in turn converts into more productivity and engagement.

Greater efficiency in training

For new employees, the training and on-boarding process can be slightly difficult as they are not exposed to such environment. Training videos are usually dull and may not be effective in training new employees. Through video conferencing new employees can have face-to-face interaction with senior personnel which improves the efficiency of training. They can have an engaging, interactive and very useful conversation with senior staff which makes training more effective.

Video conferencing can revolutionise employee training and thereby contribute to their sustained success. Usually the employee turnover is high during the initial two months as new employees are confused and inexperienced. By providing effective training through video conferencing, companies are able to minimise costly employee turnover.

Through the use of effective audio and video conference cameras, companies are able to share their story in a modern and digitised manner. This creates a feeling in the employees that they are a part of an ever-growing, modern company.

Another benefit of video conference training is that the companies are able to train multiple new employees through the use of effective video conferencing cameras. Surveys have shown that video conferencing has improved training efficiency by 66%. This is made possible through increased engagement as a result of video conferencing. Once the initial on-boarding process is over, video conferencing helps effectively in improving employee development as well.

Another main advantage of video conferencing is that it can be easily recorded and archived. In case of complicated information or data, the employees can always go back and re-watch the conference to clear doubts. This also adds to the safety regulation of the company and ensures the employees that the company is compliant with workplace laws.

The popularity of video conferencing continues to increase because of the increased flexibility and productivity it provides. It boosts engagement and efficiency of employees thereby prompting companies to invest more on video conferencing. Training and development of employees are crucial for the sustained growth of business and video conferencing enables companies to carry out both in the most efficient manner.

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