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7 best practices to follow to make Mobile Video conferencing effective

Mobile devices are everywhere. From your home to office, you come across various types of devices every day. This is one of the important reason why mobile video conferencing has gained widespread acceptance in the modern world.

But in order to ensure that there are no glitches or hindrances while undertaking mobile video conferencing, one should follow the below seven best practices.

  1. Keep the phone mounted: A steady phone with a camera is a prerequisite for effective mobile video conferencing. Even a slight movement in the mobile camera can be distracting for employees who are participating. To avoid this, always keep the mobile phone mounted on a device. Your AV integrator will be able to advise on the best product to purchase. You can also recommend the remote team to buy one to reduce distractions.

  2. Adjust lag time: Lag time in mobile video conferencing becomes an issue when different parties login from different locations. Connecting to a Wi-Fi and switching off the mobile internet will help reduce the lag time. Moreover, closing all applications and browser tabs will help in getting the maximum bandwidth. Also, make sure that all the mobile technologies are updated to the latest version.

  3. Use proper accessories: Using the right headphone and microphone helps in improving the audio quality and in eliminating distractions. In a video conferencing, if one participant’s speaker is loud, then it reverberates in the form of an echo. In order to avoid this, headphones can be used. Alternatively, earbuds with a built-in microphone can also be used to reduce audio distraction. If mobile video conferencing is a regular practice, then you can even opt for a phone with HD Video Conference Camera

  1. Check for distractions: The main advantage of mobile collaboration is that we can conference anywhere; whether in a coffee shop, café or even at a park. But the main disadvantage is the various audio and visual distractions that come with it. Always be wary of such distractions that can wreak havoc during your meeting. If possible, try to attend conferences from home office or workplace. Movements and happenings around you can distract the other parties. Similarly, what you wear can also distract others. It is important to check your surroundings and what your attire is before starting a video conference.

  2. Right Positioning: Proper lighting and the right positioning can make a great difference in video conferencing. It is best to put a light behind the mobile phone so that it falls directly on you. Also, make sure that the Video Conference Camera is at eye level and not pointing to the ceiling or the floor.

  1. Keep yourself focused: Having a neat and clean surrounding helps a lot in keeping yourself focused. Before attending a video conference, make sure that your workspace is neat and clean. All necessary papers and documents should be in place. It is best to keep the room free from all unnecessary noises.

  2. Learn as you go: There is no better teacher than one’s own experience. Once a video conferencing is over, go over the recording to see how you performed. Take note of those small gestures or habits that can distract others. Similarly, note down the distractions around you, the angle of the camera and the way you look. All this will help you make necessary changes the next time you attend a video conference. Learning from self will help you fine-tune and improve your communication style.

Using mobile phones for video conferencing is quite common nowadays. Taking note of the above points not only helps in improving the efficiency of conferencing but also helps in improving your communication skills.

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