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Video Conferencing – 6 Unexpected Ways To Use It

Versatility is one word that best describes Video Conferencing. It can adapt easily to changing environment and hence is widely used nowadays. It is also a known fact that Video Conferencing is an excellent communication and collaboration tool.

Companies nowadays are using multi-user video conferencing not just for occasions like board room gatherings and important meetings, but also for a variety of other purposes. Adopting video conferencing help companies in increasing efficiency, reducing cost and also improving productivity.

In this article, I’ll be discussing six unexpected ways multi-user video conferencing can change the way companies conduct business. I hope this gives you a better insight in coming up with more interesting ways to take advantage of this technological advancement.

1. Connect satellite offices:

To carry out a more effective communication method with headquarters and brainstorming sessions with co-workers located in satellite offices, all you have to do is adopt video conference technology to create an always-on office portal. With Angekis, you would have three types of USB PTZ cameras to select from which are the Saber, Blade and Curtana. With these wonderful and low priced cameras, your portals will automatically be connected. This helps employees to boost their productivity through better collaboration and innovative thinking.

2. Conduct one on one meetings

In today’s on the go workplace, having a face-to-face meeting with co-workers is a tough job. Video conferencing especially multi-user video conferencing helps solve this problem. Now, even if the employees are in the same building or scattered across the globe, you can connect quickly with the help of multi-user video conferencing.

3. Screen sharing

Screen sharing done as part of group video conference helps in better design reviews. It is now possible to review whatever your team creates including marketing campaign and software prototype through screen sharing. The screen sharing features of Zoom and Skype helps you to get instant feedback on your designs by eliminating the need for unnecessary emails and uploads which brings benefits such as time-saving and greater efficiency.

4. Conduct video interviews

Group video conference helps in conducting fast and efficient video interviews. This helps in finding the best talents and eliminating candidates who are not qualified. Recruiters are also able to expand their candidate search to deep talent pools thereby eliminating the need to travel extensively. This also helps in bringing down cost.

5. Promote sales

Face to face meeting with clients are very much preferred while closing deals. This is made possible through a 3-way video conference between the client, sales team and marketing team. This helps the marketing team to market the products effectively by sharing the screen and the sales team to deliver dynamic presentations. Moreover, the sales team can use the time saved more effectively in closing other deals.

6. Host daily stand-up meetings

When the team is working across geographical areas, a collaboration between the team members becomes very difficult. This is made possible through 2 way or 3 way video conference. By hosting daily or weekly stand up meeting, the trust and relationship between team members are strengthened. Since it is possible to meet all members in a 3 ways video conference, it becomes easy to coordinate projects thus, improving decision making.

I hope this 6 points above gives you a better understanding of Video Conferencing Technology and how it is majorly used in this modern era.

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