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Live Video – the next big thing

Just last year, major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram introduced live video streaming. The result has been a 600% increase in live video streaming via web camera and PTZ Cameras. Thus, it is quite evident that video marketing should be made an integral part of the marketing strategy by all business groups. One of the main advantages of live video streaming is that it is easy and anyone can do it. Even small to mid-sized businesses can undertake live video streaming just like large businesses, thereby increasing its popularity. All you need is a quality video conference camera if you are planning to utilise live video for your business, here are a few things to consider

Providing behind the scene shows:

There are different ways in which you can provide behind the scene access to your target audience. For example; The Tonight show used Facebook live to provide behind the scene moments to their audience thereby providing them an opportunity to understand the things happening backstage. Live streaming was used by Target to provide interesting information about design partnerships. Similarly, Marc Jacobs provided a peek at their 2016 line with the help of Facebook Live. Everything happening behind the scene from 3-way video conference to casual chit chats can be streamed live to attract the attention of the audience. Using such tactics provides a human face to the company. Customers get the feel that they are interacting with a fun and exciting company which helps in building the company’s brand loyalty.

Going live:

Going live provides an opportunity to start a conversation around a certain brand or its service. Live streaming – whether it is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube - is a very powerful tool that you can use to create a buzz surrounding an event. Using live video during performances, presentations, group video conference and product demonstration can be very interesting and can attract the attention of the customers and prospects. There is no limit when it comes to experimenting with live video.

Providing updates on a daily basis:

Customers feel more connected to a business whenever they receive a daily update especially through an actual person in the form of a video. For example; small businesses can announce a contest, special deals winners of a competition through live streaming. Companies can even live stream their group video conference to provide a feeling of transparency. Thus, by providing regular updates through prizes and giveaway, customers feel like tuning into and getting connected with your business.

Making announcements:

One of the best ways for companies to make an announcement is through live streaming. This includes announcements such as launching a new product, company news or even a change in the structure of the business. With companies making live announcements, customers get a feel of exclusivity. Our Angekis range would be the ideal solution as it possesses outstanding and crisp image quality at an affordable price as well.

Start with research

Before live-streaming through social media channels or multi-user video conferencing technique, spend some time to understand the audience. Which social platform are they using? What type of social media streaming will attract the audience and keep them lively? Both Facebook and Instagram live streaming is very popular nowadays. For some type of business, YouTube continues to be the right channel. Before taking up live streaming, make sure that you understand your target audience and their channel preferences.

Live streaming is just one of the tool that you can use to reach your targeted audience and convey your message. If you are looking for a strong web presence, then live streaming video content should be made a part of your marketing strategy. Using effective tools like Angekis HD PTZ Cameras and having a wide range of cameras (Saber, Blade and Curtana) to choose from, it will definitely make your live streaming a success. In addition to this quality content, a solid social media presence, a strong search engine optimisation strategy is also highly essential to a company’s success.

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