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Conferencing and Collaboration – What it means in 2018?

One of the major advantages of Angekis video conference devices with cloud-based service is that new trends from both the software and hardware world can be integrated without making any changes to the existing infrastructure facilities. In a recent IT Survey conducted by Spiceworks, it was revealed that the overall spend on cloud-based services including group video conference is on the rise owing to an increase in mobile workforce and the opportunity for better collaboration across the ocean.

Here are two technology trends predicted for 2018:

4K PTZ camera with UHD resolution

Highly sophisticated 4K PTZ cameras with the highest resolution the industry has ever seen, will become part of multi-user video conferencing in the coming year. In fact, this technology is already integrated to most of the modern-day homes with high-resolution TV’s and PC’s occupying center stage. With more and more millennials entering the workforce, the need for high-quality video resolution in group video conference becomes the norm.

Just this year, we recently launched a new 4K version of the Angekis Saber! We believe that the fantastic image quality will change your perception of multi-user videoconferencing. For more information of the Saber 4K, please click on the link here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A large amount of data about meeting habits can be gathered through Cloud-based video conferencing solutions. This data, supported by artificial intelligence helps increase the effectiveness of meetings. Other features like facial recognition, voice recognition and virtual assistants are also made more effective by AI.

With the help of AI, we were able to launch the Saber Auto Pilot! With the Saber Auto Pilot, it combines shape, motion and facial tracking to provide the most reliable tracking in its class! It has an outstanding smooth motion and the presented would always be center in frame. For more information of the Saber Auto Pilot, please click on the link here.

View a Saber AP in action here:


Advancement in technology is part and parcel of industrial change. But with emerging technologies like 4k resolution and Artificial Intelligence, you can expect many changes in the collaboration platform. This provides IT professionals with advancements in business intelligence and data analytics which, in turn, can make their role in the company more important.

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