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Web Conferencing vs Video Conferencing

Web conferencing Vs. Video conferencing – Everything you need to know

When it comes to a conferencing solution, people often mixes up between web conferencing and video conferencing. The common questions that they have would be are they the same? What are the differences between these two? Is one conferencing solution better than the other?

Until and unless you have a good idea as to what these two conferencing techniques are, you won’t be able to obtain a definite answer. We hope as you continuing reading this article, we are able to assist in picking out the right conferencing solution for your business.

Difference between web conferencing and video conferencing

Web Conferencing:

Web conferencing are designed to make the collaboration among employees more engaging and productive. This solution uses audio and video to add to the effectiveness of the collaboration. In addition, Web conferencing can be considered as an upgraded version of audio conferencing with the possibility of sharing pictures. Other features of web conferencing include presenter video and recording. With these features, it enables the dissemination of information to the selected target audience. Also, this type of conferencing can be used in both small and large meetings. The only disadvantage is that it does not have the briskness as is expected by today’s tech savvy user.

Video Conferencing:

On the other hand, Video conferencing is conducted to provide a “meeting in person” feel. Studies have shown that employees feel more connected when they are part of a group video conference. The best multi user video conferencing solution enables communication among employees in all possible ways – through direct calls or virtual rooms using different devices. With Angekis, you would have a wide range of cameras to select from. This includes our flagship model Saber, to the Blades and also the Curtanas. In a group video conference solution, conference rooms can be set up using video systems which can then be connected to other conference rooms using different devices like laptop, tablet, and smartphones. Files and other important documents can also be shared through the screen.

ANGEKIS – the only solution you need

In modern business meetings where a high level collaboration is required, it is vital to have images and audio of smooth quality. We at Angekis, through our decade long expertise in telecommunication, clearly understand the value of all in one collaboration solution. Angekis is the platform where high definition multi user video conferencing technology meet cloud based web conferencing technology. With Angekis, we strive in providing our customers a collaboration solution with our very own USB plug and play high quality cameras. For more information, do not hesitate to call us at 03 9024 7893 or email us at

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