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Outdated Collaboration Technology – How it is Hindering Flexible Working Opportunity

Though there is a strong demand for a flexible working culture, the reality is altogether different. The actual number of people who worked from home either fully or partially fell from 24% in 2015 to 22% in 2016. Big companies like IBM believe that in order to improve the productivity and creativity of workers, employees should be brought together and made to work under a common roof.

However, the benefit of working remotely cannot be overlooked. Vodafone conducted a study which showed 83% of employees increasing productivity as a result of a flexible working culture. With this in mind, companies have to ensure that employees are set up effectively by employing the right video conference camera and speakers.

Due to the advancement in technology, most employees are well connected through cutting edge software and hardware like HD conference cameras and video conference microphones at home. They expect the same kind of tools to be used in their working environment as well. People have now realised that consumer focused application can make a big difference in their life. They are able to connect with their extended family through Skype and Zoom with the help of USB video cameras and USB Conference Speakerphone.

Technology implementation – which one is right for us

Investing in high end technology like wide angle video conference camera and USB conference speaker microphones such as the Angekis Saber or ASP-04 is highly essential to improve the productivity of employees. Failure to employ the right technology can have its effect on the overall productivity. Few examples include poor quality image and bad sound quality leading to ineffective communication. Moreover, employees tend to be frustrated which hinders their productivity if proper collaboration tools like USB HD cameras and speaker microphones are not provided for them to work remotely. Live video supported by USB Zoom Camera comes as a boon in this context. It helps those who want to strike a balance between working remotely and working from office. This is also made possible through many of our video conference cameras such as the Blade, Curtana or the Saber. In addition, with the implementation of HD Conference Cameras, this improves communication among team members and also reducing travel costs.

The New Age Meetings

The idea of workers working remotely is not favoured by companies because they believe that it reduces productivity as employees are isolated. But this belief is proved wrong by live videos supported by Wide angle HD video cameras and video conference microphone. These technological tools are becoming an integral part of most of the organisations. By conducting live videos via USB video camera, colleagues, customers and partners can communicate effectively without losing the personal touch.

Employees are not left out of company announcements, crucial meetings and group brainstorms thanks to live video supported by HD Conference Cameras. This has left a positive cultural change in organisations. Now, because of live video, employees working remotely are no longer a forgotten lot, instead they are very much a part of the company.

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