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ISE Expo Award Winning Tracking PTZ Camera

Beating all Tracking Camera models from across the world, Angekis recently won the prestigious RAVE award in the category "best new video conferencing accessory”. ISE is the world's biggest AV show with all major brands in the running to compete to win the award.

Throughout 15 halls, visitors experienced a spirited showcase of the latest AV and systems integration technologies, products and solutions as ISE confirmed its position as the international destination of choice for AV professionals. The total attendance by the end of the show had reached 80,923, which is a growth of 10.3% from 2017. What's more, 20,000 visitors attended the last day of the show and over 30% of the total attendees visited ISE for the first time.

We once again used this show as a launchpad to showcase our new cameras and speaker mics. We took this opportunity to promote our new Auto-tracking camera, 4K PTZ Camera as well as our wireless speakerphone system and many more. In case you missed out, be sure to check out our exclusive interviews with rAVe publications here!

In conjunction with our US partner VDO360, Angekis also released their award-winning Saber AutoPilot Tracking Camera at this very expo. The Autopilot System consists of a Saber dual output USB3.0/DVI (HDMI) camera, a custom-built Intel NUC® configured with the Perfect Track® software, all cables and even the mounting solution. This camera is ideal for classrooms, lecture halls, event facilities, legal depositions and even worship facilities. This magnificent and ground breaking Auto Tracking Camera truly replaces the need for a cameraman. It tracks using face, motion and object and can easily cover an entire stage & catwalk. Unlike other tracking systems it will zoom in and out as a presenter moves towards the camera. It can also switch between presenters at the presenters command.

If you would like more information about the AutoPilot, please contact us at 03 9014 7893 or email at

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