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Embracing Video Conference Interview for Better Results

Virtual video interviews with the assistance of HD Conference Cameras are the most common types of interviews in today’s business world. While a phone interview is less stressful as it is purely verbal, video interview using USB Plug & Play Cameras provides a better idea about the person on the other end due to nonverbal communication.

What is Nonverbal communication? It is a form of communication without the use of spoken words. This includes one’s body language, facial expression, posture, and the tone in their voice. Thanks to the HD conference camera that is widely used nowadays, picking up on nonverbal cues is very easy. Below are few of the reasons why non-verbal communication in an interview is very effective and some tips to create a great impression in video interview through the use of USB cameras.

1) Phone interview provides you with a sense of anonymity

There are multitude of things that you can do while attending a phone interview such as checking emails or finishing a report which is sure to cause distraction in an interview. When you attend a video interview using a video conference microphone and video conference, you are able to capture the attention of the other person and keep them attentive without any distraction.

2) You can express clearly in video interview

Employers want to work with employees having pleasing manners. It is a challenge to convey your expression clearly when you are over the phone. Through the use of video conferencing, your facial expressions are clearly visible to the other party. This helps them to get a clear understanding of the person on the other end.

3) Shows confidence

Often, candidates might exaggerate about themselves in the resume and the best way to prove otherwise is through a video interview using conference cameras. The body posture portrayed during a video call shows your confidence which is a good indication to your future employer of how poised you are.

4) You can attend the interview in your comfort zone

By attending a video interview with HD video conference camera and conference speaker mic, you can highlight your skills which the employer may not notice otherwise. Practical examples include focusing the conference camera on your organised bookshelf to show you have great organisational skills. In addition, you can have a guitar in the backdrop to show your employer that you have an interest in music. Such small things are important cues and are only made possible through video conferencing.

Video interviews conducted with video conferencing cameras can drastically change the job search process for both parties. As such, Zoom is the perfect video conferencing software that provides excellent video and audio quality. The experience through Zoom is first class and it gives a feeling as if you are meeting the interviewer face to face. As mentioned in the last article, Angekis is proud to be the official technology partner with Zoom US. If you have a project that you are unsure about, feel free to contact us at or give us a ring at 03 9014 7893.

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