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Government Video Conferencing

With the flexibility of RS232 and USB connections, combined with the option to control multiple cameras from the same controller, the Angekis range is the perfect fit for Government Video Conferencing rooms.  From recording a deposition, to videoconferencing between Government agencies, broadcasting a city council meeting or streaming with Defense department agencies, its critical the video conferencing solution provides simplicity and reliability.  Angekis is the market leader when it comes to utilizing the most recent technological advances in video conferencing to bring security, convenience and efficiency to military, legal and other government agencies.

Typically Government organizations have many offices across the country. It makes perfect sense to move to video conferencing for Government to save tax payer money on travel costs whilst maximizing time savings and improving operations efficiency.  The Angekis range of video conference cameras and speakerphones is the perfect match due to their ease of use, ease of setup and compatibility with a wide range of the most popular video conferencing software apps on the market.

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