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aGent V6 Webcameras

The aGent v6 is a high end Full HD webcam designed for the Apple Mac enthusiast that also lends itself to niche applications such as stop motion animation, astrophotography and single user video conferencing.   The 5 layer glass lense projects a clear and crisp image unsurpassed by any in its category.   The webcam can be tripod mounted and also comes with different clips that can attach to the back of imacs, the top of laptops and macbooks as well as a table mount. 


Switch to the tripod mount and you can mount the webcam onto any standard tripod as well as suction mounts and gorilla mounts.  This combined with a manual zoom makes it the perfect stop motion camera.

The aGent v6  is built to last with a brushed or polished metal finish and comes complete with a 2 year warranty.

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