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Worship Video Streaming

Every wedding is video recorded these days, but soon you'll find it will be the norm for every Church gathering to not only be recorded but streamed as well.

Video streaming provides an additional platform for houses of worship to share information and convey their religious messages to the world.  Larger houses of worship and religious gatherings also use video conferencing cameras to project onto large screen giving everyone a good view from any seat.  We find its often volunteers inexperienced with video technology that are manning the cameras, which is where the simplicity of the Angekis range comes to the fore. Its plug and play via USB, means anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers can get behind the wheel.

Better yet multiple Angekis cameras can be postioned around the church or place of worship and connected to one control unit, with one controller operating the presets on each camera.  This is easy to setup and operate.

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