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Workplace Collaboration Challenges

Workplace Collaboration Challenges – How to overcome them?

Workplace collaboration is the key to success for an enterprise. However, collaboration is becoming even more challenging as businesses in this modern era are becoming more globalised. As a result, more employees are working from different parts of the world. A large team, a plethora of emails, employees working remotely and lack of good decision making are all obstacles in a globalised work place. But these problems can be alleviated with these four simple steps. Read on to find out more about video collaboration via the use of video conferencing solutions.

Schedule regular collaboration

One of the biggest challenge faced by the teams is collaboration across different geographic areas and time zones. This makes uninterrupted communication and keeping to project deadlines very difficult as people are not working simultaneously. Scheduling regular collaboration effort helps in overcoming this problem to a certain extent. Keeping mandatory meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis helps keep all team members on the same page. The world clock meeting planner is the perfect tool to co-ordinate meetings across different time-zones.

Use video for effective communication

To ensure projects run smoothly and teams remain connected, regular collaboration is a must. Hence by utilising video conferencing and integrating it to become a part of this collaboration effort, the end result will be positive. Video collaboration solutions makes global meetings more effective and provides the benefit of a face to face interaction. Miscommunication and misinterpretation can be reduced to a large extent when there is an opportunity for co-workers and collaborators to see each other. For small offices and meeting rooms a wide-angle video conference camera can be the perfect solution as it can fit multiple people in the screen and is a more cost effective solution than zoom models. The Curtana video conference camera is a popular solution for small to medium conference rooms, providing a high quality wide-angle image with no distortion.

Specify clear leadership role

Complications arises when everyone in the team wants it done their own way. For example, feedback is highly essential in a team. However, if there are too many feedbacks about a certain aspect of work, it may lead to more harm than good. When each person voices his/her own opinion, it may create unnecessary confusion. To avoid this from happening, the team should designate a clear leader based on consensus, before the project begins. All feedback from a team should be directed the leader. If this is followed, then work flow becomes smooth and quick decisions will be made. The same process should be followed for video conference meetings by nominating a person to chair the meeting and keep it going in the right direction.

Ease the decision making process

Ineffective decision making can affect the outcome of a project. Missed deadlines and delayed project rollouts are the outcome of this. One way to overcome this problem would be to make the decision making process as simple as possible. This can be done by providing the stakeholders a few different options to choose from rather than asking them the next course of action to follow. As a result, projects and deadlines are kept on track.

Following these steps will help improve the internal collaboration and keep the team on track. With the right collaboration tool and great team work, deadlines can be met without any hurdles.

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