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The Advances of Video Conferencing in Remote Education

In 2001, video conferencing technology along with its high-end video conference cameras were first introduced to the education sector. It is safe to say that this technology which included video conference cameras, video conference microphones and video conference speakers were simply not as advanced as today. But I could see a huge potential then, and 17 years thence, I am extremely happy to observe that video conferencing along with various support systems like HD conference camera and HD conference microphones are readily available for use both in educational and corporate world. Students that are passionate and have a strong yearning for education are not able to get themselves educated due to them not physically being able to be present in the classroom. Due to these students not being able to attend the classes, they should not be denied the right to learn. Thus, our goal is to make education easily accessible even to students in remote areas through the use of advanced video conference cameras and speaker microphones.

One of the greatest advantage of using video conferencing cameras in classrooms is that when it takes center stage, technology becomes translucent and the content of the message gets passed on very easily. With the help of our Angekis HD PTZ Cameras, it is able to eliminate the distance between places and plays a crucial role in the learning process. Accessibility of information is becoming much faster due to the emergence of cloud-based technology. Teachers can use conference web cams to conduct their sessions and personalize the curriculum, for each one of the students according to their capacity. Students, on the other hand, can interact and help each other in their studies through USB conference speakerphone and USB video cameras. But all this does not mean that the concept of online e-learning should go away. We are trying to combine the best of both the worlds where on-demand learning is combined together with live sessions led by instructors through video conference camera along with USB conference microphone.

We believe that our new Saber Auto Tracking Camera will be the ideal solution for most classrooms and lecture theatres! This ground breaking Auto Tracking camera truly replaces the need for a cameraman. It tracks using face, motion and object. It is also able to easily cover an entire stage and classroom! Unlike other tracking systems, it will zoom in and out as a presenter moves towards the camera. It can also switch between presenters at the presenter’s command. Best of all, it’s a one-time setup that takes less than 10 minutes! For further information, email us at

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