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Wired and Wireless AV System – Is there a difference in quality?

A large number of international companies are installing wireless AV solutions and deleting their wired counterpart. Does this provide the wired AV solutions a run for their money?

Does wireless affect?

Wired AV conference cameras and speaker mic are considered to be faster, more dependable and creates less problem. Best of all, they are inexpensive as well. On the other hand, wireless system provides a neat and clean look and is highly flexible.

Though majority of people prefers wireless AV solutions, there are still concerns surrounding the quality of wireless setup. One of the most common wireless connection used is Bluetooth. It is observed that there are a lot of interruptions and dropouts when Bluetooth is connected to other devices. But, at the same time one should understand that the Bluetooth is not designed for high quality audio and video signals. An alternative option is wireless RF speaker mic. RF technology removes the need for user to have to reconnect devises each time. This technology is implemented in our very own ASP-04 speaker mic which I will go into more detail in this blog.

Various software is available in the market to improve the reliability of wireless set up. By adding lossless codec (software to improve reliability), the quality of Wi-Fi network is enhanced and can even be brought up to levels of wired setups. In a wireless setup, it is the quality of the network that transport the data that is pivotal instead of the device. The stronger the network, the higher the quality of the signal received.

Wireless solutions preferred by industry leaders

We took the opportunity to showcase our ASP-04 Wireless Speaker Mic at Integrate – Australia’s largest AV show. In this exhibition, Angekis delivered wireless solutions without compromising on quality.

One of the innovative product introduced by Angekis is the ASP-04. The Angekis Cleartalk ASP-04 is a 2.4 GHz wireless audio USB conferencing speakerphone, designed to work with any UAC compatible software such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, Jabber and many more. The ASP-04 has a huge pickup of 6 metres diameter, 360-degree sound via 3 inbuilt digital microphones with excellent pickup from up to 3 metres in all directions providing a 3m radius pickup.

This speaker can be installed in different rooms and connected through a direct 2.4GHz wireless USB Receiver meaning no more work pairing Bluetooth devices with a low quality audio connection! The speakers are comparatively light and portable and would be the ideal solution for 1-10 seat boardroom setups. This plug and play wireless system will change your opinion on “Wireless USB Microphones”. Its so easy to use, simply turn on the speakerphone and plug in the wireless USB receiver. Best of all, no pairing is needed!

For more information, feel free to contact us at 03 9014 7893 or email us at

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