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Saber + Polycom Realpresence

With the help of our partner in Portugal, we were able to provide you snapshots of our flagship Saber Series integrating with Polycom Real Presence Group! The Saber Family of PTZ Cameras have now won 2x International ISE Awards for Best PTZ Camera, beating other major brands including Sony, Logitech, Vaddio and Aver!

Here's how it works:

1) We used the HDMI output (with DVI/HDMI connector - provided in the Saber Box) to feed the input of the Polycom DBA (Digital Break-out Adapter) device.

2) Then, the DBA device connects to the Group HDCI with a Polycom cable. The Saber Camera is controlled through the IR Remote Control.

3) The video image is then output using DVI (HDMI).

Best of all, the Saber 12x camera works with all Polycom Realpresence Group Series! Hence, if you're after an alternative camera to Polycom, why not give our Award Winning Saber camera a shot!

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