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Zoom vs Skype vs Hangouts vs GoToMeeting

In this modern day and age, face to face video conference calls has become the norm. Studies have shown that businesses around the world have spent a considerable amount on video conferencing apps in 2016 – a whopping $3.5 billion. Video conferencing with USB HD camera has become a staple of modern day business thanks to the various programs available in the market for video conferencing.

Zoom vs Skype vs Hangouts vs GoToMeeting

Use of Video Conferencing in Business

A study conducted by Lifesize shows the below results

  • 89% of remote employees say video conferencing supported by USB cameras helps them in connecting with their colleagues.

  • Video collaboration is used by 76% of people to work remotely. Out of this, 75% experience higher productivity and an excellent work-life balance.

  • Information is processed with more clarity through video conferencing with digital USB camera according to 90% of respondents.

Thus, in a nutshell, video calling with USB video cameras and USB speaker microphone helps in better collaboration, problem-solving, productivity and increased engagement and team building. We will be discussing a range of video conferencing tools in the market and how you can pick the right one depending on your business. The video conference tools we will be concentrating on are:

  • Zoom

  • Skype for Business

  • GoToMeeting

  • Google Hangouts


Setting up Zoom is not a difficult task. First, you need to download the app to your computer to take part in calls. Zoom works through zoom rooms. If you are hosting the meeting, your task is very simple. You have to set up a new room in the app and send the link of the room to the other party. They just have to click the link and follow it. All together, it would take less than 20 seconds for the participants to click on the link and join the meeting.

The main advantage of this app is that it is available on both Android and iOS. If an Angekis Video Conference camera is used, it enhances your zoom room experience even further. When it comes to quality, Zoom has it all. The audio quality is crisp and clear and the User Interface is sharp and professional. You can easily introduce a client and start a meeting with the Zoom app. When it comes to pricing Zoom is the most affordable one. You can have unlimited calls and can create a meeting with up to 50 attendees. Thus, Zoom is the best option for small to medium-sized companies where pricing takes center stage.


If you do not have Skype installed on your phone, you can do so via Google play store or iPhone app store. Using Skype is very simple. You register on Skype with a user ID, and you can call someone else using their Skype ID.

For group calls, this task can be little complicated. First, you need to gather everyone’s Skype ID and add them to the group call individually. When it comes to Skype, there are mixed opinions. Some people consider it the right app for professional interaction with a USB HD video camera attached to it; whereas some others feel that the design of the app is too informal that it would not be suited for corporate interactions. Moreover, Skype is considered more like a chatting platform and may not be suited if you are looking for a video call with full HD USB camera. Standard Skype is free to use. But it allows you to call only 25 people. If you opt for a business plan, you will have to fork out some money.


GoToMeeting is for those busy executives who want to conduct meetings on the go. You can host a meeting, schedule a meeting and even join one. The built-in audio and personal meeting rooms makes it very convenient to use this app. But the app can be confusing at times considering the various boxes within the app. It is an average video conferencing application, especially when compared to other video conferencing applications like Zoom. The calls are not of excellent quality, and the image is not very sharp even with the help of a video conference camera as compared to Zoom

Google Hangouts

Most people are familiar with Google Hangouts. Google Hangout is ideal for those who are used to working from your inbox. You can login to Hangout with your Google account and host meetings. The contact list in your Gmail automatically gets added to your Hangout account, and you can chat with them on the go. However, in terms of quality, it is no where near the level of Zoom. When it comes to pricing, Google Hangout is free to use and you’re able to have up to 25 participants in one call.


Of all the video conferencing apps, Zoom can be considered to be the best because of the various features it provides. Both the audio and video quality in zoom is very high, and it is very easy to start a meeting. Moreover, it is more affordable when compared to the other video conferencing apps. We are also proud to announce that Angekis have become an official technology partner with after they rigourously tested our camera range to ensure they integrated perfectly with their cloud platform.

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