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Video Technology – How it is Shaping up the Higher Education Scenario?

Universities offering higher education is a large-scale business. The large number of students and faculties, state of the art facilities including video conference cameras makes it a big business. Technology is becoming a very important part of running a university or college thanks to the various requirements at various levels of the campus. Of this, video technology supported by PTZ HD camera plays a big role in the successful running and operation of any university.

Video – the teaching tool

Technology has made a huge impact on the education system through the use of electronic tablets, live stream lectures with the help of HD USB webcam and good connectivity inside the campus. Hence, the teaching method on campus should change to keep up with this trend. For the younger generation, instant access to the digital world and Skype through USB HD camera is a must have. Thus, there is a greater dependency on video communication in the field of education.

One of the trends that have been observed in the education sector is the increased dependence on Video meetings for collaboration. Live video supported by USB Video Cameras is being increasingly used by primary schools, Universities, and even non-profit educational institutions to enhance the learning experience, improving communication and in increasing the attendance. Universities are now able to offer distant education programs, online courses, free lectures and even co-teaching between professors through wide angle HD video cameras. Students can now get in touch with professors and clear their doubts and even engage in collaborative study groups thanks to video conferencing. This calls for the need to have HD video conferencing cameras.

Easing the admission process

The admission process to universities is lengthy and costly for both students and admission officers alike. Universities are trying to communicate with their target market through channels which they find comfortable with such as social media and live videos facilitated by HD video conference camera.

Both social media and live videos can reach hundreds and thousands of students at the same time without incurring any additional cost. Thus, by using high quality video through our PTZ HD video conference cameras, geographical boundaries become obsolete and international application to universities are encouraged.

The widespread use of video along with high quality video conference camera during the admission process not only makes the job of both the students and admission officers easier, but it also helps in streamlining and transforming the entire procedure. For example, Staffordshire University is trying to explore the use of Snapchat, Facebook Live and Twitter to minimise the anxiety of students and speed up the entire process. Thus, there is a need to have good quality video conference cameras in universities.


The use of video technology especially high-quality conference cameras and video conference microphones in higher education cannot be argued at any cost. It provides a collaborative and innovative method of teaching in the classroom. It also provides financial benefits thus reducing the burden on both students and institutions. All this provides a better opportunity for international students to pursue their studies in foreign shore.

Just this year, we recently released a ground breaking Auto Tracking Camera that is set to transform the education industry. With our Saber AutoPilot, it tracks using face, motion and object and can easily cover an entire stage & catwalk. Unlike other tracking systems, it will zoom in and out as a presenter moves towards the camera. Moreover, it can also switch between presenters at the presenter’s command!

For more information of our Saber AutoPilot camera, click here!

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